Saturday, June 9, 2007

Star Wars

Saturday June 9, 2007

My kids were coloring earlier today and they left some crayons and coloring books on the table. I have been known to enjoy coloring every now and again, so I decided to sit down for a few minutes and color. The kids books are pretty full of scribbles and half finished pictures, so I like to go through and color those. So I find a picture in the Star Wars coloring book that we've had for quite a long time. It is a picture of Luke using his light saber to slash down some vines, and he apparently sees Darth Vader. So I finish coloring it and show Micah, my oldest son who just completed 1st grade, He says, "Oh, that looks good Mommy, but I wonder why I colored Luke
(Bispin) wearing green clothes, I guess I colored it before I knew much about Star Wars." He finished off with a little laugh like he was somewhat amused by his ignorance. I asked him what color his clothes should be and he said very matter of fact, "Umm, like a yellowish orange color." How does he know all these characters so well? Princess Leia Slave is the one with the skimpy bikini thing and so on....