Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Make your hair!

November 13, 2007

One morning last week I had asked Micah and Jacob if they had made their beds. Ben looked at his bed and said, "My bed not made mommy." It was pretty cute, but even cuter than that was a few minutes later when he saw himself in the closet door mirror and said, "My hair not made mommy." Of course he said this because he had bedhead and his hair was sticking up and very messy. I love how kids put things into words!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stinks like me

September 25, 2007

Yesterday Jacob was hiding in the hamper, atop mine and Tyler's dirty clothes. He yelled out, "Yuck! Mommy what stinks so much like you in here?" Nice huh? I sure felt lovely.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Illiterate, edible and eager

August 24, 2007

A few things about Micah and Jacob's 1st day of school. 8-20-07

Jacob was talking to Tyler about school, telling him he loved it and everything, and then he said, "But I didn't learn to read."

During the afternoon, he, Jacob, was eating fruit snacks and telling Ben that he was going to smush a whole bunch together and make an "edible ball."

Micah learned a new word from his teacher on the 1st day and told me that he was, "eager to go to school," and that was why he woke up too early.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Shaver Lake Cross

August 20, 2007

We went to Shaver Lake on Saturday, 8-18-07. The lake was so low that some of the docks were just laying up on dry ground. Jacob, seeing one of these said, "Someone gigantic must have died there." The dock looked like a huge cross. Jacob knows that when someone dies in a traffic accident people will often place a cross at the scene of the accident. So, he came to the conclusion that since it was a huge cross, someone gigantic died there!

Friday, July 27, 2007

good bye traing wheels X4!

July 27, 2007

Micah learned today, finally, to ride a two-wheeler without training wheels, at age 6! It really is our fault though, it took us this long because we just simply haven't worked on it with him. Well, Jacob (age 4) also learned tonight how to do it too! He still needs some work, but he can do it! Well, I was commenting that it has been a good day and Micah said, "This is probably the best night of my whole life!" He has been wanting to be able to ride a bike for such a long time now and I'm so glad that we finally took the time to help him realize his dream!

Friday, July 13, 2007

To flick a booger out

July 13, 2007

Last week Tyler was laying with Benjamin on our bed when Benjamin tooted. Tyler laughed and Ben giggled and said, "Fireworks" or "Piyaworks"

Just a few minutes ago Micah was yelling for me but Tyler went to him and he said something about a moth flying into our house. Tyler asked him where it flew in from and Micah told him from the slider, Tyler asked him how, Micah said, "I opened it." Tyler asked why he opened it and Micah said, "To flick a booger out, OK?!"

Fireworks and boogers

July 13, 2007

Last week Tyler was laying with Benjamin (2 yrs old) on our bed when Benjamin tooted. Tyler laughed and Ben giggled and said, "fireworks" or in his way it sounds like, "piyawutz"

Just a few minutes ago Micah was yelling at for me but Tyler made it to him first and he said something about a moth flying into our house. Tyler asked him where it flew in from and Micah told him it flew in from the slider. Tyler asked Micah how, Micah said, "I opened it." Tyler asked why he had opened it and Micah said, "To flick a booger out, OK!"

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Star Wars

Saturday June 9, 2007

My kids were coloring earlier today and they left some crayons and coloring books on the table. I have been known to enjoy coloring every now and again, so I decided to sit down for a few minutes and color. The kids books are pretty full of scribbles and half finished pictures, so I like to go through and color those. So I find a picture in the Star Wars coloring book that we've had for quite a long time. It is a picture of Luke using his light saber to slash down some vines, and he apparently sees Darth Vader. So I finish coloring it and show Micah, my oldest son who just completed 1st grade, He says, "Oh, that looks good Mommy, but I wonder why I colored Luke
(Bispin) wearing green clothes, I guess I colored it before I knew much about Star Wars." He finished off with a little laugh like he was somewhat amused by his ignorance. I asked him what color his clothes should be and he said very matter of fact, "Umm, like a yellowish orange color." How does he know all these characters so well? Princess Leia Slave is the one with the skimpy bikini thing and so on....

Saturday, May 26, 2007

To drink or not to drink, that is the question!

May 26, 2007

While attending church in Nana Byn's and Papa ron's ward we were listening to Uncle Brent give his homecoming talk. Micah had been whining about how thirsty he was so I finally told him to go ahead and get a drink but to be quiet and fold his arms. He left, walking very reverently and returned shortly after, the same way. This time he was whining that he couldn't get a drink with his arms folded! My son is SO literal most of the time!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

True love, or not.

April 26, 2007

Jacob was being very sweet and loving with me today. He told me he loved me several times in just a few minutes, seconds even, he gave me lots of hugs and kisses too. Later, after Tyler was home, Jacob told me that he only did that so I'd let him have his Nintendo playing priveledges back! It had really touched me, how sweet and loving he had been to me, so hearing his confession really made me cry. After Jacob saw how sad he had made me he told me that he was just joking.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Um, bones

April 5, 2007

So, Tyler really doesn't want me to post this one, but I want it for my records, it's funny, and I don't think anyone reads this blog!

I was just telling my mom about a few of the stories in here and she asked if I had recorded the following story. I hadn't, so here it is...
When Micah was about 3 years old, he told Nana Paula that he had bones all over his body. Nana said, "Yes, that's right." He told her that he didn't have one in his penis and she said, "Right, you don't." He was quiet for a bit, thinking, and then he said, "Well, sometimes I do."

The yawning birds

April 5, 2007

There was a dove outside making dove noises and Jacob said, "Mommy, hear that noise?" I said, "It's a bird." He said, "Why's it doing that?" I told him I didn't know and he said, "I think that's how it yawns."

This afternoon Morgan and I cut the boys hair and gave them each a bath. When Jacob was getting dressed he said, "I look like a girl!" We turned to see what he was talking about and he was leaning against the bottom bunk and he was "tucked in".

My little girl

This afternoon Morgan and I cut the boys hair and gave them each a bath.  When Jacob was getting dressed he said, "I look like a girl!"  He was leaning against the bottom bunk looking in the mirror and his underwear were halfway up and his penis was tucked between his legs.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Love and Marriage

April 3, 2007

The boys and I were in the kitchen chatting about families and marriage and I had told them that it can be difficult to find someone you love that loves you back and wants to marry you. Aunt Jan came up in the conversation and the fact that she wasn't married. I told them that she loved Charlie and wanted to marry him but Charlie didn't want to get married. Jacob said, "I want to marry Aunt Jan." Micah said that she would probably be dead when Jacob was old enough to get married. Jacob got a very worried look on his face, so I said she would probably not be dead and if he wanted to marry her that was just fine.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The amazing printer

March 28, 2007

This morning Jacob told Tyler he wanted him to go to work and bring home a Scooby Doo video game like he did when he brought home Lego Star Wars II video game. Tyler told him he didn't get it at work. So of course Jacob asked, "Where did you get it then?" Tyler told him he got it off the internet. Jacob replied, "You printed it out?!"

The funny ones

March 28, 2007

Last night Jacob and I were watching one of those funniest home video shows. Jacob kept asking me why people were laughing at certain videos. He then told me, "Mommy, I'm only going to laugh at the funny ones."

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Poop, and lots of it

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Saturday night I was helping Jacob in the bath when I hear Micah yelling, "Ben pooped on the floor and he's walking it all around the carpet!" I had just recently given him a bath and he didn't want his diaper on and I didn't want to fight it, so... I run in there and sure enough, poop everywhere nd it smells horrible. I don't really even know where to begin. Half of it was on this huge mat they have in the playroom, so I put that straight into the washing machine. I then proceed to basically smear the other spots into the carpet even more, along with some Resolve carpet cleaner (which doesn't even work very well.) That doesn't do much but rub it in, so I move on to boiling water and lots of towels. I finally get out my Kirby with the carpet cleaning attachment on it and the belt burns, I start crying and then feel that my silent prayers have been answered when I suddenly remember where the extra belt is, well, that belt burns too! So, now it smells like poop and burning rubber, mmmmmm nice! Ben sees me sitting on the floor crying and comes over and huds me and says, "Sorry Mommy." Ok, so cute to hear a 1 1/2 year old say that. I end up just shampooing the carpet with out the belt on the cleaner, which means that the brush just isn't spinning, not as effective for sure, but what are you gonna do?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mommy's bad guy eyebrows

March 12, 2007

Tyler and I both took a nap today (Sunday) and when I woke up (to Ben crying, he was napping too) I went and got Ben out of his crib and went into Micah and Jacob's room. Micah said, "Mommy why are you eyebrows sticking up like a bad guy?"

I guess they got a little messed up while I was sleeping and were sticking up.

bad guy eyebrows

Tyler and I both took a nap today (Sunday) and when I woke up (to Ben crying- he was also napping) I went and got Ben out his crib and took him into Micah and Jacob's room.  Micah said, "Mommy, why are your eyebrows like a bad guy?"  I guess they got messed up while I was sleeping and they were sticking up.